2020 Tesla Model Y Plaid series Fog Lights with Clear marker upgrade

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Did you know that our Plaid series headlights were developed to incorporate our plaid series fog lights? Introducing our fully integrated Plaid fog light upgrade, utilizing a dedicated output from our plaid series headlights.

Installation is as simple as removing the original OEM fog lights, installing our plug and play housings, connect the additional harness to the dedicated waterproof output from our Plaid series headlights and your done! 


Features included:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • New OEM fog light housings 
  • Plug and Play integration with OEM connectors 
  • Plugs right into dedicated outputs from our Plaid series headlights 
  • Clear side marker upgrade replacing the OEM Amber 
  • Full RGBW flow Teslux Innovations boards 
  • True 6K white 
  • LED fog light RGBW demon eyes 
  • RGBW flowing center DRL upgrade
  • Integrates into Plaid Series headlights and controlled by BlueGhozt 
  • Unlimited show modes 
  • Multiple Startup/Shutdown animations
  • Multiple Turn signal animations
  • Sentry mode animation 
  • Lock and unlock animation 
  • 9H Ceramic coated lenses
  • 1 Year Warranty Included (Seal, Animated LED boards, Bluetooth Controller) 


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