Tesla Model Y OEM+ Plug and Play Headlights (Chrome)

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So you bought your futuristic Tesla and you love everything about it... but the headlights. Introducing the TesLux OEM+ series featuring true 6K white and amber boards in both the top DRL section and the bottom turn signal locations! Now you can get switchback operation built into a plug and play package to complete the aggressive design of your Model 3. From the factory your Model Y headlights run white in the top eyebrow section and flash amber in bottom section. Our OEM+ series will now provide a true white daytime running light operation for both locations as well as a vivid amber for turn signal operations! 

-New OEM headlight housings with Chrome bezels 

-American made white/amber boards for the DRL and Turn signal locations 

-Ceramic coated lenses

-Plug and play housings