Plaid VS Ludicrous… What should you choose?

Plaid VS Ludicrous… What should you choose?


When it comes to choosing the best lighting upgrade for your Tesla it can be confusing to understand the differences between our products. Let’s break down the differences and examples of what each series offers so you can make the right choice for your ride! 

Ludicrous: Available for Model 3 and Y (Pre-Facelift only) 

Our Ludicrous series started an entire movement and opened possibilities not seen before. When we created and launched Teslux Innovations we released the Ludicrous package. A simple yet elegant and aggressive lighting system that accents the natural beauty of the OEM Pre-facelift housings with a futuristic touch. 

You may ask how a Tesla could be more futuristic but trust us these headlights can certainly change the way you see it. Let’s take a look at what we did to accomplish this… 

Chrome… it’s a bit outdated and if we were in the 90s it would be the bees knees but… we are in the 2020s and it just does not do it anymore.. so we fixed it! 2 tone glossy and satin black compliments the entire front end design and brings forth a updated look even when they are off! But thats just the beginning…

White and amber… it is the best of both worlds so why would that need to be changed? It does if you want to have something that says I am from the future! We took the stock amber and white color that we have all come to know and made it come to LIFE! Thats right, now instead of just having that solid white eye lid and a flashing amber turn signal the entire housing can react to your commands. Pre programmed and easy to install the Ludicrous series offers… 

-Sequential turn signals that start from the bottom and walks all the way up to the top of the eyelid! 

-Animated startup / shutdown which means when you walk up to your car it no longer just flashes but actually greets you with a smile! Then when your trip has come to an end it reminds you that it will be here when you get back! 

-Vivid DRLs… No longer will you be stuck with just that eyebrow when you are driving down the road because now you will have the entire housing running in an easy to see and aggressive white output. 

-Show modes… we know it’s not road legal but supercharging? YOU BET! Included in every set we threw in 2 pre programmed show modes that you can use whenever you choose! 2 independent options that can be turned on from your phone and you will be catching everyone around off guard and leave them wondering how do I make my Tesla do that? 

All this wrapped up in a pristine package thats easy to install and easy to operate! 

Plaid: Available for Model S, 3, X, Y!

2022+ Model X and Model S Plaid packages currently in development. 

Alright… So we talked about the Ludicrous package and broke down how it compliments your driving experience but now let’s talk about the series that changed the game… AGAIN! 

Let’s get this party started with a bang! But first some words from our sponsors… Nah we are just kidding but not about the party because this ever growing lineup knows how to party AND knows how to be functional. You may be asking yourself how this is even possible? Let’s dig in and see what all the hype is about! 

When we started developing our Plaid series product line we were a little hesitant to moving in this direction… but when we reflect on how far it has come we are happy we did! You see white and amber is awesome and all but we had so many requests to offer colors that we knew the direction our clientele needed us to go! 

Now the problem with colors is sourcing and developing a solution that will be able to produce a super clean white and amber along with being bright enough to see during the day and reliable enough to be used throughout the season changes for years to come! Yep thats a lot to process and figure out which is why it took a while to get it just right! When we say a while we mean… nearly 50 variations of designs to get it just right… hard to believe we accomplished this and got it on the market before anyone else but to all the haters out there we just have to say.. WE MADE IT!

OK enough story telling lets get to spilling the beans and talk about what these bad boys (and Girls 😉) can do and why you not only want these on your Tesla but NEED them… Like right Meow 😻. 

Starting from core of the entire lineup is the “Teslux Network” which was what the entire system was built on. You see we wanted to do this different than anyone else kinda like we do with everything else we have developed. Meaning we foresaw where the market was going and knew that not only did we need to make the best damn product ever to be seen on a Tesla but it needed to have the ability to expand! So if you are one of the lucky souls that has our Plaid series headlights (V2 and above) you have a handy dandy output that allows you to expand the capabilities of your system into your Plaid fog lights and our PlaidGlowe system… 

But what does that mean for you? It means that you have the power and control to fine tune every part of the system from any device AND… have your turn signals, startup / shutdown, DRL and parking animations all work together seamlessly! Even in the brightest under glow kit ever produced! So imagine this.. you pull up to a stop light and you see this sick Tesla across the way making a turn. You think nothing of it till you see it!  A bright and vivid amber (Or whatever color they choose) starts cascading across the headlights and fog lights which is shocking enough as it is but then you realize. The ground is sequencing the same pattern as the headlights and it wraps all the way around the car! 

Are you dreaming?? Nope this is just the tip of the iceberg as they say! Because we are just getting started with how insanely over developed this system is… so let’s get into it shall we?

OEM functionality reimagined: 

Starting with the ever growing animation options to choose from for your OEM functions you will also have control over multiple zones and have a plethora of colors to pick from! The animation options that get added to the BlueGhozt app is simple to get because all you have to do is update and you are in! 

Say you do not want to have a certain feature in any section of the lights.. well lucky for you thats a simple setting and you are good to go! You can change the speed, brightness or even the length of the animation quickly and easily. Once you get the system exactly like you want it then you are done! The set it and forget it method is all you need to make our Plaid series products… YOURS! 

Keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility! Which means it is on you to abide by your local laws and requirements to use these on a road near you. But thats the price you pay for innovation… Get it 😉

Show stopping FUN! 

OK ok we have gone over the main corse and it was delicious and all but what about desert? We know you have been salivating for the goods and if you made it this far then you have earned it! Let the party commence! 

What if you could pull up to a local meet, Supercharger hell even a grocery store and you were in the mood for a little fun? Well you are in luck because even if you are not Irish (Like our CEO is) you still can have your cake and eat it too! Or in this case you can break necks and make the Grandparents say “Good heavens what are those!?” 

Any color, any combination, any sequence, any zone, anywhere and how? From your phone of course! OK really from any IOS or Android device so if you are one of those techies that rock an iPad instead we got you covered too! Yea you know who you are 😏… but anyways let’s get back on track! So what exactly do we mean when we say any color?  We literally mean any color the human eye can capture. Combinations seem a little too vague? Well in each and every show mode you not only have a list of pre programmed animations as long as the Nile river to choose from but also 6 boxes that can be set to any color and tone you want! 

 Once you have the colors you want to work with selected it’s time to pick the animation sequence you want those colors to flow in. 


Once you have an animation sequence that you are happy with don’t forget to name that masterpiece so you can remember! Trust us when we say that before you know it the show mode tab (Home) will be a laundry list and the last thing you want to do is miss the party bus cause you are scrolling… Ask us how we know 🤦‍♂️


Alright so now you know the differences and possibilities of both packages. Both of the series available are amazing in their own unique way! If you have additional questions please visit our FAQ page here and if you can not find the answer you are looking for then send us an email at! 




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