Tesla Police Lighting packages

Fire, Security and Municipal Lighting Packages 

Tesla Police car

Tesla Police car
Tesla Police car

(ModelPD supplied images) 

Did you know we do not only offer products for consumers but also public services? We acknowledged the shift from petrol to electric is a daunting journey and with it comes new challenges.

One of those challenges is trying to find a solution to the lighting that will work with the current controllers from Code3, Fenix and others while providing the output your fleet needs to be safe and visible day or night! We have developed solutions to accomplish your objectives and with multiple police vehicles on the road today with our high output lighting packages we are confident that no matter what the project is we have solutions that are produced in house and not available anywhere else! 

Built right into the OEM housings you will have retained functionality and look with high output boards developed to project perfectly matched colors like Blue, Red, Amber and white! All synchronized into your current system. 

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