You have questions and we have answers!

Here are the questions we get asked the most and if you do not see your question then do not hesitate to reach out! 

1. Are your lights legal to use in my area? YES! How? Read below! 

The #1 feature our customers love is the driving modes that are automatically integrated into your Tesla. Our Ludicrous and Plaid series lineups will produce a vivid white and amber output while you are driving automatically. So as long as you check your local regulations and match the color required you will be good to go! 

2. Does your PlaidGlowe underglow work while you are driving? Absolutely! 

You can run any of our Plaid series products in any mode you want! Right from your IOS or android device. With the BlueGhozt app you have an unlimited amount of show modes that are easy to setup and design to make any of our kits your own! If you have our Plaid series headlights then our Teslux edition controller will plug right into the driver side headlight which will sync your DRL / Parking, Startup / Shutdown and turn signals automatically! But when you are in the mood to stand out… you can easily choose any of your show modes on the fly 👍
Keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility! Which means it is on you to abide by your local laws and requirements to use these on a road near you. But thats the price you pay for innovation… Get it 😉

3. Do you have a trade in option for my stock headlights? YES! 

After you are done installing your new headlights you can ship your OEM stock headlights back in the same Teslux packaging and we will cover the shipping! Just shoot us an email to to get a quote and we will include a return label in your packaging. 

4. Will this drain my battery? NOPE but… 

If you use our products while the vehicle is operating then they will not drain your battery.. however if you are using them when the car is off then of course you will drain your battery over a long period of time.  Ever since Tesla sent out the update that prevents the 12v or 15.5v battery maintaining process when the car is off it is now important to be aware of when you are using our products. In order to combat this recent change we have now included our “Battery Saver” module in every set we build so there is no current draw when the lights are off. But that does not mean that if you are running your lights when the car is off it will prevent a draw so just follow the tip below and you will be good to go! 

Tip: If you want to use any of our lights while parked just turn your parking lights on in your light settings and it will keep your battery charged! 

5. Whats the difference between the Ludicrous and Plaid series lineups? Read below!

Plaid VS Ludicrous: Full Read
Ludicrous (Model 3 / Y): The first of its kind that started an entire trend! The Ludicrous package features an OEM + appearance with vivid white and amber animations. They are easy to operate because they are completely automated! As a bonus we included 2 dedicated show modes that can be triggered with a simple app available on any device!  
Plaid series (Model 3, Y, S, X): The foundation of the Teslux Network. Any color you can imagine in any sequence you could ever want… even SOLID!  Our entire Plaid series lineup works together seamlessly all from one app! The BlueGhozt app (IOS/Android) allows you to control independent zones, show modes, OEM features, and everything else imaginable! Our ever growing product lineup is designed to work in harmony by not only being easily controlled but also synchronizing the OEM features.