Colorworkz Underglow kit

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This Colorwerkz Underbody Kit will set your vehicle off in any setting! Select from RGB (Full Color Functionality) or Flow Series (Full Color Functionality with Over 200+ Sequential Modes).

We have had years of experience with installing and selling underbody light kits. After trying countless different configurations from hand built to the wide range of products available online we have come to the conclusion that there is only one kit that will compliment your Tesla for years to come and thats this kit! What sets these strips apart from anything else on the market is the aluminum casing which not only protects the LEDs from getting damaged but also helps significantly reduce the heat buildup by integrating heat sinks into the casing. On top of that we love the hardened gel coating which protects against the elements, oil and grime that is inevitable when driving on public roads. When it comes to light output there is nothing that compares either! If installed correctly these will be visible not only during the night but also during the day which is unheard of when talking about underglow accent lighting. 

Long story short if you are looking at doing a underglow kit for your Tesla this is the only solution that will provide phenomenal light output and longevity for years to come! 



What are my options?

We have a few different styles when it comes to our Alumi Strips, here's a breakdown on each style so you have a better understanding on what your options are:

  • RGBW: Full Color Functionality including 6k white 
  • Flow Series: Full Color Functionality with over 200+ Sequential/Chasing Modes

Order Includes:

  • (2) 36" Pre-Assembled Rigid Aluminum Casings with Colorwerkz Strips
  • (2) 60" Pre-Assembled Rigid Aluminum Casings with Colorwerkz Strips
  • (4)  Extension wires.  (2) @ 10'   (2) @ 23'