Tesla Footwell lighting
Tesla Footwell lighting
PlaidGlowe PRO Aluminum Footwell lighting kit

PlaidGlowe PRO Aluminum Footwell lighting kit

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Footwell lighting reimagined! You have seen countless low-quality kits around and only once they are installed do you realize why they were so cheap… Dim output, poor fitment, and don’t even get us started on the low life span. After testing more kits than we would like to admit we decided if you want something done right… you better do it yourself. So… without further due… get ready to have your feet screaming LETS'S GO! 

PlaidGlowe has dominated the underglow market by providing the brightest, cleanest, easiest and most reliable kit all made right here in the Pacific Northwest 🇺🇸! But why stop there? Taking the same fundamentals that made our underglow kit what it is today we developed a footwell kit with not just great output and fitment but we did one better by making the entire system custom fitted for your Tesla!

Not impressed? Say LESS! Introducing not 1 but 2 levels of output! Our Flex kit is our stage one which is already better than anything on the market. But if you want to take it to a whole other level then our PRO kit is for you! 

Our PlaidGlowe PRO kit utilizes an entirely new approach by fitting high output and high density boards seated in aluminum housings with a diffuser to provide rugged, bright, clean and efficient output never seen before in a footwell kit! Our footwell LED boards include dedicated White, Red, Blue and Green chips to produce the brightest and most accurate colors on the market. The aluminum casing helps with heat distribution, solid mounting installation and acts as a heat sink to further help with longevity and reliability.  When you are looking for nothing but the best for your Tesla there is only one brand to remember. Teslux Innovations 🇺🇸

They come in either 2 or 6 strip options. Sure the 2 strips will cover the front foot wells  But the real magic comes with the full kit because you get under the dash covered plus 2 strips for each front seat which provides seamless full coverage for the entire floor. On each seat you will mount one strip facing forward and one strip facing backwards. Providing insanely bright coverage for not just you but also your passengers. 

If you just want to dip your toes in but not ready to jump yet… we got you covered because our 2 strip kit can be expanded later! Did we mention that if you already have our other Plaid series products this will integrate right in? Thats right! If you choose the BlueGhozt Teslux edition controller you will be able to sync the interior with your exterior wirelessly! That does not mean that you can’t have independent control but what it does mean is if you are looking to make a definitive statement that you are on another level just wait till you see your entire car flowing together! 

Whats included? Check it out 👇

  • Hand made and assembled aluminum encased strips in 12” sections 
  • Pro kit is designed and built with true Red, Blue, Green and White chips in high density to provide seamless coverage and perfect color matched output. 
  • Industrial strength 3M backing for easy mounting 
  • Micro M8 fitted connectors in perfect lengths designed for your Tesla! Making installation a breeze. 
  • Standard controller provides app controlled features like solid and limited preprogrammed animated modes
  • BlueGhozt controller provides synchronized animations with unlimited custom show modes, driving modes, enter and exit animations all while simultaneously communicating with the Teslux Network! If you have our other Plaid series products or thinking about them in the future this is what you want! 
  • Perfectly measured fused power and ground harness that connects under the back seat and the passenger side footwell. 
  • Expandable options for those looking to start with the 2 strip package 
  • Perfect White, Red, Blue, Green and every color in between. Solid colors or animated the choice is yours! 



In stock and ready to ship unless otherwise stated! If you would like to verify inventory - send us an email Info@TesluxInnovations.com with any questions!

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Top notch lighting. Best company by far with product and customer service . This company is in a league of their own