Tesla Model 3 / Y Pre-Facelift Sport Series Headlights (Stages)

Tesla Model 3 / Y Pre-Facelift Sport Series Headlights (Stages)

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Internal Bezels
Elevate Your Tesla with the Tesla Model 3 / Y Pre-Facelift Sport Series Headlights (Stages) - Your Journey, Your Lighting Experience!

Illuminate Your Way in Stages

Experience a lighting revolution with our Pre-Facelift Sport Series Headlights (Stages). Designed to take your Tesla Model 3 or Y to the next level, these headlights offer a range of customizable lighting stages, allowing you to transform your ride according to your mood.

Stage 1: DRL and Eyebrow Upgrades

In Stage 1, elevate the aesthetics of your Tesla with a stunning upgrade to the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Eyebrow locations. Enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle while increasing visibility during the day. Choose from a wide array of colors, including the brilliance of 6K white or the warm allure of amber, to set the mood for your drive.

Stage 2: Turn Signal Perfection

Moving on to Stage 2, our Sport Series headlights add the perfect finishing touch by upgrading the Turn Signal location. The best part? We maintain the original Turn Signal boards, ensuring compliance with DOT requirements while giving you the freedom to choose from a full spectrum of colors. Enjoy enhanced safety, style, and full control over your lighting.

Customize Your Lighting Experience

Choose any solid color or flowing color animations to match your mood, personality, or the occasion. Our Sport Series Headlights provide you with the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere for your vehicle. This is your cost-effective alternative to our premium Plaid series lineup which integrates with our Teslux Network, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of color options without the full expense of our Plaid Series product line.

Bezel Options to Match Your Style

We understand that every Tesla owner has a unique sense of style. That's why we offer options for the internal bezel. You can select from the original chrome internal bezel for a classic, polished look, or opt for the blacked-out bezel for a more contemporary appearance. For those looking for something truly unique, we even offer the option of color-matched bezels. With these choices, your Tesla's lighting will be an extension of your individuality.

Upgrade Your Way

For your convenience, we offer two upgrade options:
1. Complete Headlight Housings: Let us provide you with brand-new, pre-assembled headlight housings for a seamless installation process. Simply select your preferred bezel option and lighting color, and enjoy a hassle-free upgrade.

2. Send In Your Headlights: If you choose to send in your existing headlights for the upgrade, we offer a discount on the service. To expedite the upgrade process, schedule a date and time for shipment into our facility. Our skilled technicians will work their magic, ensuring your headlights are transformed with precision and care.

Your Lighting, Your Control

These Sport Series Headlights are not just a stand-alone upgrade; they're an embodiment of control and flexibility. Unlike our premium Teslux Network, this system is designed to be a cost-effective stand-alone solution, giving you the power to change your lighting setting without breaking the bank.

The Future of Lighting

Crafted specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Y pre-facelift packages, these headlights seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, maintaining the sleek and futuristic look Tesla is known for.

Key Features:
- Stage 1 enhances DRL and Eyebrow locations with a choice of colors, including 6K white and amber.
- Stage 2 upgrades Turn Signal location while maintaining DOT compliance with a full spectrum of colors.
- Full control via your phone, tablet, and wireless remote.
- Choose from an array of solid colors and flowing color animations.
- Bezel options: original chrome, blacked out, or special ordered color-matched bezels.
- Option to provide complete headlight housings or send in your headlights for a discount.

Illuminate your journey, express your style, and ensure the perfect lighting for every moment. Upgrade your Tesla today and discover a more affordable approach to the future of automotive lighting. Your Tesla, your lighting experience.

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